Mark Grayson

Mark comes to GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® after an injury in the early '80s forced his body to struggle with basic movement.  Mark's journey toward healing took him through many modalities, including Yoga, Tai-Chi, and the Feldenkrise method. When introduced to  GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®, he immediately recognized the potential of a powerful practice. Inspired by the excitement of witnessing his body repair itself, he decided to pursue his teacher training certification, and now operates a studio in San Luis Obispo, California.


Mark’s enthsuiasm for mechanics and love of humor inform his teaching style. In a playful atmosphere, Mark gives simple descriptions that help the student navigate daily movements and build strength. He encourages the rhythmic movement of the body in conjunction with breathing, allowing the joints to free up and muscles to tone. The classes are designed to extend outside the studio, building skills and creating a fertile environment for the body to flourish.


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"I met Mark Grayson while hair styling for 12 years. I was ready to quit from the constant pain in my arms and hands. Mark introduced me to Gyrotonics and has greatly reduced my carpel tunnel, along with spinal motion exercises that keep me feeling better while I work!

Mark taught me movements to do at work, while sitting in a chair or simply leaning on my counter. 

Over the years Mark has pointed out how to watch for repetitious tasks in my daily work life. I have the tendency to move too much while doing my job and over using the small muscles in my shoulder and arm, which lead to so much pain!. 

Thanks to my sessions with Mark Grayson, I am able to stay on my journey to feeling better and learning more about myself." 

Alison Ging, Hair Stylist, San Luis Obispo